Q FROM YOU: When Do You Hold Auditions?

Questions about auditions pop up in our inbox almost every day. It's fantastic to see so many people eager to be part of our troupe!

In general, we hold auditions about once a year, depending on ongoing production plans and current dancer availability. Over the last few years, our auditions have taken place during the summer months, when we usually have more down-time between productions.

Anyone interested in being part of our troupe is welcome to attend our open auditions, regardless of dance experience. While many of our members have experience in artistic body movement - such as dance or gymnastics - we also have members who've never danced before but who showed potential at their audition! We're looking for women who are eager to learn, have a natural sense of rhythm, and are able to pick up moves quickly.

We run our auditions like a typical CCB rehearsal. Audtionees join our dancers in a group warm up, and then we teach everyone the choreography from one of our large group numbers - usually something with a kick line! After that, we'll run the dance a number of times to help you get comfortable with the choreography, and provide feedback and notes after each run-through to help everyone do their best.

So, how can you make sure you know when our next round of open auditions happen? If you sign up below to receive our newsletter, you'll get the announcement sent right to your inbox! 

We hope to see you at our next auditions!

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