Delilah Manhandler

The creative force behind Capital City Burlesque, Delilah is the troupe founder, seamstress, set designer, and choreographer extraordinaire.

Blurring the lines between parody and absurdity, Delilah brings the unexpected to the stage and always leaves the audience wanting more.

Audra Dacity

Dancing since before she was born, Audra Dacity brings big smiles, big energy, and a big butt to the stage.  Burlesque has allowed her to combine her love of dance, the opportunity to really perform to a crowd, and to create characters that traditional dance outlets didn’t have a place for. 

The ladies of Capital City Burlesque know that when Audra is leading rehearsal and calls out, “One more time!”, it really only means “one more time” if they get it perfect. 

Can’t wait for the next show to check out Audra’s assets? Good thing her behind has its very own hashtag on Instagram: #buttsofnorthbattleford 


Holly Hellcat

Powered by merlot and mimosas, Holly has a penchant for bringing pop-culture icons to life in unexpected ways on the burlesque stage.

When she's not sewing costumes or managing CCB operations, Holly is busy in her Hellcave creating sparkly masterpieces for Hellcat Industries.


Sin Lizzy

Reincarnated from a time of glitter, glam, and rock 'n' roll, Sin Lizzy has been dancing in the moonlight with CCB for over a year and a half. First joining in October of 2012, this wild child has her fans in a cold sweat and constantly running back for more. She has honed her dance moves in her favourite numbers such as Golden Years and Fever. 

She never goes out without at least one sequin covered garment, leaving a trail of sparkles where ever she goes. Sin Lizzy will step on your heart with her platform boots.

More bios coming soon!